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Advanced B2B Price Monitoring Tool.

Automatically collect your competitors' ecommerce data, easily match similar products, compare pricing and set up alerts on price changes.

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What we do?

Our software lets you easily track your competitor prices and take control of the market.

Ecommerce data collection

You provide your competitors' list, we build the data collectors. The collectors automatically scrap your competitors' websites several times per day and get up-to-date product pricing information.

Price monitoring tool

After the integration, you're ready to use the tool. Easily match similar products with those of competitors, compare pricing and set up pricing alerts to match your needs.

Integrate with tools you use

Connect our platform with your favourite tools. Request any additional feature, we'll develop it.

How to get started?

3 steps to start monitoring your competitors!


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Confirm you competitor list

Decide which competitors you want to track and what kind of additional integrations and functionality you need.


Start monitoring them!

After confirmation of your competitors' list, we start the integration process, which usually takes 5-8 working days. Nothing is required from you if there are no additional feature requests.

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Starts at just $290/month for monitoring 3 competitors. No usage limits, no coding, no additional fees!